Now we know....

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Now we know....

Postby cmbmusic » Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:20 pm

I just wanted to post for those that may still drift into the Reflex board. I recall the days we all were so eager for Reflex to launch. Then, once we got it how bummed so many of us were, expecting so much that had been discussed in the form of new features that would revolutionize the power we had over our mixing and shows. Then, the discontinuation of the hyped up Reflex after only 6 short months. The developer and PCDJ parted ways for whatever reason and everyone moved on to what they had been using or new alternatives to fit their music mixing needs.

The developer launched their own version; and even given the time since Reflex was launched, didn't have much to offer in the form of new features or improvements. I am now able to say that I understand a little more of what went on behind the curtain. The developer, even on their own, remains slow with any monumental updates or improvements, and in fact it's been about a year since an update. Users of that application are frustrated that they have no support and are having to deal with bugs that effect their show performance. All they hear is that they're working on something really big. So, it's the same ole' song and dance. And I'm glad I didn't jump into that party a second time. I'm conviced although a PCDJ project, the team at PCDJ was strung along just like the rest of us were. It's too bad that they had to suffer most of the blow and lost so much momentum.

At one time, almost everyone was using PCDJ products. Red, FX, Blue....if you were a serious mobile DJ PCDJ was the tool. But not so much anymore. There are a lot of new users on the board, but almost none of the original users that had this baord blowing up week after week with posts offering help to those that needed it, talking trash, and keeping the PCDJ hype alive. Alot of folks have moved on to other apps, not giving the new PCDJ products a chance. I've remained around offering my 2 cents on the new products, and helping users of those versions and VJ. I'm looking forward to see what the new updates for RM and Dex have to offer. I just wanted to say that I recognize that Ryan and the PCDJ team was not solely responsible as the dev still has issues even playing in their own sandbox.
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Re: Now we know....

Postby PCDJ Ryan » Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:48 am

You're a perceptive guy Casey, I'll leave it at that.

We're preparing many new things in the PCDJ bat cave right now. I agree competition, among other things including some poor decisions, have changed the DJ software landscape for us a bit. We're working hard to change perception, and grow our business - the right way. You'll see some new platforms from us soon, including a new exclusive network for our users. Of course, the most important thing is the end software product.

Our support has ramped up a lot lately too - including a new online chat. This is something we didn't put as much emphases behind previously - but it's just as important as the sales of the software in my opinion.

Thanks for being supportive Casey, you rock!

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