Pentium 4 Users With High CPU Issues

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Postby hbehner » Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:19 pm

I tried turning off the scrolling grid on each player(View Player off). What a difference. The songs load fast enough to play live with (but you can't see the player).

With a P4 2.0GHz 512 meg ram. With 3 players playing (Stretch and Quantize on all 3) my cpu usage went from 100% to 60% with 1 player viewed and to 50% with no players viewed.

While the DSP meter stayed at 42% steady the whole time.

It appears that is where the cpu is hanging out and spending it's time ;) drawing waveforms. Bad cpu, get back to work!

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Postby DJ Abercrombie » Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:31 pm

I've uninstalled Reflex from Windows XP Service Pack 2 and, decided to wait for PCDJ Reflex Team to release an updated version.

I still have Reflex on the spare drive housed with Windows XP Service Pack 3. However, I rather try it out (Reflex updated version) with Windows XP Service Pack 2 considering the 3.4 GHZ Computer is using that operation platform.

Hey PCDJ Reflex Team. If you need a Beta tester on your updated version, I'm right here mate! :D

Thank you, Silvo (Denon) on the function capability. I wouldn't never thought buying two 4500 players.
I can see who's been looking at my monthly bank statement :( :mad: ;) :D

DJ Abercrombie
DJ Abercrombie
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Postby DJMore2Luv » Tue May 04, 2010 9:59 am

I am having a similar problem with DEX...and I agree Virtual DJ uses far less resources therefore telling me it isn't the controller or the computer but the program itself. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, 3GB RAM, 160GB Internal HD, AMD Turion Dual Core Processor, ATI Radeon Graphics 3100, Far beyond what is required on the sales page. Quite ridiculous now I spent $240 on the program and can't even use it....I can deal with the crashing but not the bad reputation it is gonna give me if it persists.
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Postby PCDJ Ryan » Thu May 06, 2010 5:06 pm

DJMore2Luv - they're referring to the now discontinued Reflex product (when drawing the waveform displays it was very intensive on the CPU), not PCDJ DEX that you own. Check the DEX forum for assistance with it.

Using 80%, or even more at times if necessary, of your resources doesn't cause program issues - it uses what it needs to insure you don't have issues. DEX hovers between 20% to 60% of my CPU with the latest build. I'm running a Windows 7 (64bit) duo core 2.67 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and a 512MB video card.

What is somewhat of a hog right now is the default DEX skin, which is something they are working on for a future update. Have you tried some of the other skin's for DEX to see if the resources used are less intensive? Try some of the others here:

Can't quite tell from your message, but are you suggesting DEX actually crashed? This should never happen, haven't seen this in many DEX builds really with proper machines.

There are always improvements in the works, and the neg gen of DEX is using a bit of newer code that should lighten the load even more - allow us the flexibility to add some much anticipated and wanted functions...

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