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PCDJ DMX Quick Start for DJ's

Postby DJBlackhawk » Fri Nov 17, 2006 2:41 pm

Step 1. Install PCDJ DMX Software from CD.

Step 2. Plug in DMX Hardware and follow printed instructions that came in box, to install DMX Hardware Drivers.

Step 3. Pick a DMX Fixture you have at your disposal, and one XLR cable and connect the XLR cable from the DMX Hardware Output (female) XLR connector to the Input (female) XLR connection of Fixture. Make sure you consult with your fixtures user manual to configure the dip switch settings, for use with DMX hardware, or use with multiple fixtures.

Step 4. Double click the PCDJ DMX icon on your desktop to open.

Step 5. You should now be looking at PCDJ DMX 24 Submaster, X/Y, and GrandMaster (GM) board. Look on the very top tool bar, and click the small little yellow Sprocket to open Device Manager. Tip: You can also Hold down CTRL and the number 2 Key to launch Device Manager.

Step 6. You should now be looking at the Device manager that displays all the possible fixtures on the left, and 16 Universe Tabs on the right.

FYI: Each Universe Represents 1 physical Out on the DMX Hardware that equals 512 DMX channels. Every DMX fixture is different. Some basic inexpensive fixtures only use 1 channel, of DMX for basic off/on commands. Where other complex fixtures can use 17 different channels of DMX or more to control Shutter on/off, strobe, colors, shapes, ect... You can connect up to 4 PCDJ DMX Hardware Devices for a total of 4 Universes that’s 2048 channels of DMX, or get an Artnet (DMX over Ethernet) device, that will expand your system up to 16 Universes out, totaling 8192 channels of DMX.

Step 7. Select your fixture from the fixture list on the left, by clicking on the fixture manufacture name, then click on the model fixture you have. Now click on the right pane starting on channel 1 under Out 1 (universe 1) tab. Your fist fixture has been added. Now you can close the Device manager or add additional fixtures.

Note: If your fixture is not available on the list, you can create your own using the template editor, or email dmxsupport@pcdj.com with Make, Model, and link to Fixture manual on the web, you would like to be added.

Step 8. You should be back to the main PCDJ DMX Window. Click on the small Par Can Icon to open Cue List. Tip: You can also Hold down CTRL and the number 3 Key to launch Cue List Editor.

FYI: In DMX Lighting a Cue is a Scene or Look, example you have one Cue with all lights on pointing to the center stage, using the color yellow, with a Happy Face Gobo (Shape template).

Step 9. On the Cue List Window, Right click, and click Insert cue, Click Insert Cue. Tip: You can hold down CTR Key and press the letter I key to insert a new Cue. Start with entering #1 and brief Cue name and or description of what the scene will look like and or location fixtures will be pointing to, and click ok. Example Name: Intro Description: Center Stage Smile

Step 10. Now double click on Cue #1, to open the cue editor. Now click on the fixture you would like to use in this cue, or just click DMX Devices, then Add, then click Ok to be able to use all fixtures in this cue.

Step 11. Now for the fun stuff! First turn on the fixture by finding the lamp and or Shutter. Now Play around with manually moving the fixture by clicking anywhere in the square Pan/Tilt Box or select from the Effect (Motion Shape Generator) list. Once you have a look and feel and position you like, close this Cue Edit window. Now you can right click on the cue you just made, and click duplicate cue. This should be Cue 2 and brief description Example Name: Outgoing, Description: Crowd Goes Wild, and Click ok. Now select a different effect, change colors, close cue editor, and close Cue list. Now you should have 2 different Cue’s looks and feel.

Manual Control of Cues: You should be back at the Main PCDJ DMX Board. Right click on the zero under the #1 fader slider and click Assign Cue, type 1, and do the same for slider 2 and assign cue 2. Now you can move slider to gradually get to the cue 1 look and feel, or press square white #1 button to trigger the cue. You should be able to press numbers 1 or 2 on keyboard to trigger the 2 different cue’s.

Auto Sequencing Cues (Live Panel): You should be back at the Main PCDJ DMX Board. Click on the Tools Tab, Click Live Panel. There are 4 chasers on the bottom of the Live Panel that Look Like TV Remote controls.

Step 1. Click the Cue button on the lower left corner of the first chaser. Now type 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 and press enter.

Step 2. Click the F button on the chaser remote to go forward, B to go back and fourth, and R to go in reverse sequence. Now tap the space bar to the beat, to set the Tempo or BPM (Beats Per Min).

Recording Sequence Cues: You should be back at the Main PCDJ DMX Board. Click on the small e icon, or hold down CTRL key and number 4 to launch Event List.

Step 1. Click Settings, Assign Record Keys, now which ever keys on your keyboard you would like to trigger Cue 1 type number 1 in that keys space and the same for Cue 2. For practice, just set Keyboard number 1 to Cue 1 and Keyboard number 2 to cue 2. Now click ok.

Step 2. Press the Circular Record button on the top right corner to the right of the Play and Stop button to start the recorder, now immediately, press keys 1 2 2 1 1 2 1 2 randomly to record sequence…now click Stop button.

Step 3. Right click on the very first time in the list and click Set Current Marker, to start the sequence from the beginning, and press the play button!

That was too easy! Now read the real manual, so you can learn all the hidden secrets. Then you can get creative and create amazing fun light shows, and start having some serious fun!!!
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