Tips and Tricks Part 1: Multiselection

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Tips and Tricks Part 1: Multiselection

Postby DJBlackhawk » Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:24 pm

This section assumes you have basic understanding on how the PCDJ DMX works. If you are new to it, then I suggest you first download the PCDJ DMX 1.4 Demo. I also highly recommend that you read the manual. The DMX manual is located in the software, just click "Help". Especially have a look at the "Quick Start Tutorial" (Chapter 4) which explains how to get started and how to create a simple cue (scene or look) with the PCDJ DMX Show cue list.

Ok, lets get started. My favorite feature of PCDJ DMX is the multiselection in the cue editor. At first it might seem like a small feature, but if you use the PCDJ DMX extensively then you will realize how powerful it is. It might be one of the biggest reasons why our beta testers proclaim that they program any show in less time then any other DMX Hardware or Software.

But enough of this, lets tell you how it works. Lets say you have 12 Martin Mac 2000's in your show. Most likely you will have (some) cues in your show where all of those lights will have the same color/gobo/prism settings. In order to set them all to the same values, it takes maybe 5 clicks. First you have to multiselect them on the left hand side of your cue editor (the tree control). In order to do this, select the first fixture by clicking on it and then hold down the shift key and click on the last fixture. Then set the lights to the desired values. Try it and you'll see how easy it is.

You can also use the Control ('Ctrl') key to select non-sequential fixtures. E.g. you can multiselect all odd fixtures or all even fixtures.

But there is more to multiselection then just setting all fixtures to identical values. You can also make relative adjustments to the fixtures while they are multiselected. Lets say you created a cue and want to create a follow up cue. First of course you would just duplicate the cue (instead of creating a second cue from scratch). Once you duplicated the cue you can make relative adjustments to the values. E.g. you can adjust the position of all lights relative to their current position without setting them to the same absolute value. Just click on the arrow buttons in the position control (or use the arrow keys while the position control is selected) and the fixtures will move relative to their old position.

This can also be used for other values. E.g. if you want to adjust the focus or zoom of all fixtures relative to their current values, then you can do this by just pressing the up/down arrow buttons on the fader. If you click inside the fader range then they will all go to the same absolute value.

The same is true for the SelectControl (the combobox). Using the arrow buttons on the left side will make relative adjustments. Selecting a value from the drop-down menu will set them all to absolute values.
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