Is there a "small limit" to skin size?

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Is there a "small limit" to skin size?

Postby JV1 » Tue Jun 19, 2007 12:11 am

I have one of those big widescreen HP laptops and have downloaded the 800 x 600 skins that take up a little over half of my screen. I'm able to open 2 or more instances of PCDJ at once and would like to have a slightly narrower skin so that both instances fully fit on my screen. I could use one to show my "All" subgroup which contains all 7000 songs that I store on the HD but is always slow to sort when someone has a request. The other instance of PCDJ could have my smaller subgroups. Further, it would be nice to have a third instance of PCDJ running dedicated to my "ALL Karaoke" subgroup that contains about 3000 songs. I guess I would neeed to shorten 2 of the instances to fit on the screen one above the other. Any ideas on how or if this can be done?
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Postby PhantomDj » Tue Jun 19, 2007 4:01 pm

AFAIK you can create ANY skin size you wish, but it takes A LOT of time to even resize an existing skin (not to mention making a new one)

Since everyone is expecting Reflex, skinning FX seems pointless at the point. That's the main reason you don't see any new skins here.

If you are willing to create a custom skin by your own (resing an existing one for instance) I'd be glad to help you... Check the skinning FAQ and then ask any questions you might have
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